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feeling better so far

Jun 28, 2011 - 0 comments

feeling better

2 month ago my doctor started me on a very low dose of Doxycycline at 20 mgs  three times aday, then 40 twice aday, we started off slow cause 100 mg twice a day put me in the hospital, now as of today i start the full course, my elbows,shoulders,neck,and spin dont hurt me much,but i have just been told i have the neuropthy that can go with LD i find it diffecult to walk anywhere and even with a walker i have to sit down every five mins. I'm still fighting the va for  not catching it sooner and i had a huge lump takin from my arm pit which then i got staff infection in my breast, i have hopes that i will be fine in the future, but i'm worried the nereve damage it has caused with my legs and feet may never go away, i just did another western blot test to see what the levels are, i pray its going down,my head aches aren't as bad as they were,no bright lights or worm like things in my eyes,i feel real lucky i was able to reaseach on line my sytoms that caused va to say i had fybromyalgia if not for the computer i would have never known what lyme disease was,may God watch over all of you and get u well soon my prayers are with you all.

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