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Loving life despite setbacks......

Jun 29, 2011 - 0 comments

When I look at the wonder that the Heavens' display it fills my heart with joy as does watching something so simple(ya right!) as a "lightening bug". Regardless of the fact I can no longer do the things that gave me the great joy/happiness such as running,swimming,bowling........ I can still keep a positive attitude by learning to appreciate life in "new ways."  Quite possibly things I may have otherwise overlooked. Learning new things,being a better listener a better person and knowing that things are always "subject" to change makes lifes ride/journey a bit more  enjoyable and tolerable at times. Knowing we are all in this together is comforting. Look forward to meeting new people and growing a relationship with others has always as been one of the most gratifying/fulfilling blessings in life. So to all you awesome people out there, I personnally invite you into my life and open my heart to you in order that I may be , even in the slightest way, a blessing  in your life as I'm sure you'll be in mine. Wishing you all the very best, Vicky

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