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Weight Gain and Diabetes: Is Your Thyroid To Blame?
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by ChitChatNine, Jun 29, 2011

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by nburris, Dec 19, 2011
I had posted a comment about major weight gain due to medication,bothy for me and my husband.Is is not major he has gain maybe 50 pounds butv it has been on a 7 years period and it is also due to everyting and really bad diet.No fruit a vegetals at all.Mine is ben pretty dramatic.I gain about 40 pounds oin 6 months due to changes on sleeping and anty anxiety /panick aqttacks.I dont now why I received this list of medication fir diabetes,cancer and thyroid problems.
Anyway my husband complaint is more the lost of is sexual fonction ;he is also a 65 years olde men.
My problems can turn dramatic because I use to have body image disorder and eating disordr witch took me a long time to get over and I will defenitly go back if I cant control my weight.There was also comments about quiting smoking and beeing inactive.Thev smoking part did hadan influance but that was over a year ago, and until I broke my back about 3months ago I was working out with a personal trainer twice a week.My problems is to find medication for my anxiety aND PANICK Attack I have been taking valium and Lorazepam but now is not enought.I had problems with being overmedicated for bipolar sindrom and quiet everything except for thosr.
Please any advice?

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Dec 19, 2011
I can understand your concern, have you checked out the archives on the link posted here on this thread , ..Have you also tried the weight Loss and dieting forum on MH  there is also a thyroid disorders forum and a diabetic forum .Good luck

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by ChitChatNine, Dec 19, 2011
Hi .. here's a link to our awesome Thyroid Disorders Community.  You may want to post your question there, too!  Many members there with loads of experience and may be able to help you with some ideas.


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by gigicarn1940, Dec 17, 2013
Can thyroid disorder cause your tongue to change colour (black)?

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