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time to end round 2

Jun 29, 2011 - 0 comments

Tomorrow will be my second day of no HCG. I think I'm becoming immune so I'm going to take a break until mid August. Two weeks P3 and 3 weeks P4. I have been on HCG for a total of 6 weeks with only a two week interruption in between. I now understand Dr. Simeons writings when he speaks about how you can become immune if you don't follow the plan correctly. I didn't do p3 and p4 between rounds. I started at 233 and ended round 1 at 211 which was a 22 lb loss. This round I'm only lost  14 lbs in almost 30 days. My next round I must follow the 23 day rounds and go into full p3 and p4. It's been a wild ride and I must say that I'm proud of my progrss so far. I will continue to track my progress through p3 and p4 and start yoga just to stay in the correct mind set. I'm never going back up in weight, ever! Good luck to everyone with your HCG journeys.

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