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The Birth of Micah

Jul 01, 2011 - 13 comments

On June 18th I had an unassisted water birth. My husband and daughter ran their fingers through my hair during contractions and my best friend, Jessica, who is also my certified lactation counselor took pictures and coached me through.

My husband, daughter, mom, dad, mother-in-law, step father-in-law, my sister, her boyfriend, Jessica (clc), and 2 nurses by the names of Jesse and Sharron were present. The water was soothing and the pool gave me plenty of room for many positions. I could turn and stretch without having to reposition myself (which any PG woman knows can be difficult w/ all the extra weight).

My son only weighed 7.9, which is considerably small compared to my daughter, who weighed 9.1 at birth. He and my daughter were 21 inches when they were born.

After moaning and moving around in warm water, I felt my son position himself and felt extreme pressure at around 10:01. I said “here he comes”, my mom broke out her video camera and at 10:04am my son was born. While pushing I yelled “It burns! Get him out! Get him out!” and before I could say anything else he was out, unassisted and naturally. I turned, picked him up from the water and brought him to the surface for air on my chest, let him search for my breast, and breastfed for an hour before the cord stopped pulsating and was cut by my husband.

After delivering the placenta I went into the shower to clean up. When I stepped out Jessica helped me dress. My mom stepped into the bathroom and asked if she could talk to me for a minute. Jessica stepped out and my mom told me that my “pawpaw” (the only man in my life growing up, my grandfather) passed away only hours before Micah’s arrival. I was devastated until I talked to my grandma whose words will stay with me forever. She said “Pawpaw was hanging on to go up so that he could meet Micah on his way down”

(My husband gave our son another middle name... my grandpa's middle name, which he was known by)

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719902 tn?1334165183
by jenkaye21, Jul 01, 2011
What an amazing story!!!  A water birth has always sounded appealing to me, but NO WAY would my hubby let me deliver @ home, LoL.  
I'm am so sorry for the loss of your grandfather, but I'm sure what your grandmother said was absolutely true.  xx

195469 tn?1388322888
by Heather3418, Jul 01, 2011
That is the most beautiful story I have ever read.  I am so, so sorry about losing your grandfather but I am sure that he got to see Micah and "hold him" before he was born.  A spiritual thing, if you understand what I am trying to say.  I really believe that, with all my heart.

Your grandma is the most precious and loving woman, for easing you through the trauma of hearing the news, of your grandfather's passing.  I'm glad that Micah was able to meet his great-grandfather, before he entered this world....all the while your grandfather was entering Heaven.

Again, a beautiful birth and a beautiful story.  Thank you so much for sharing.  It's a story that I will always remember.  

God Bless you and your family and especially little baby, Micah.  You gave birth, as all women should give birth...surrounded by family.  You are one lucky and blessed woman.

All the Best,
from the MS Forum

796506 tn?1370188305
by nickieb85, Jul 01, 2011
So sweet and so said and faithful at the same time! Congrats momma!

1330108 tn?1333677304
by SunWorshiper_26, Jul 01, 2011
So sweet!  I'm so sorry for your loss

127529 tn?1331840780
by mum2beagain, Aug 15, 2011
What a lovely story. I lost my grandmother just 4 hours before my first son was born. My grandmothers sister said the same thing; They passed as she left and he came to this world.

1812324 tn?1318880967
by jcmeyer, Sep 22, 2011
Made me tear up! What an awesome story. I'm so glad to have met you; you are truley an inspiration. Like I told you last night, you totally changed my mind about the tandem nursing. I used to think it was weird because I'd never really been exposed to it. I went home last night and told Brian that if our next baby nurses (i really hope I don't have to ep again!) I will let them self wean... He was a little weird about after a year old, but once I told him about the WHO recommending it, he seemed ok (hes a health nut). I think he's just worried of people's thoughts on it, but I don't care!

179530 tn?1368936603
by mature_enough, Sep 22, 2011
I love you sister! :) Now you're the one making me tear up! I love how passionate you are about BF and all of the hard work you stick to in order to offer your son breastmilk. You are truly an inspiration.

647911 tn?1373314647
by nic374, Oct 16, 2011
wow, that is such a moving birthstory! I can understand my father passed away in 2005 only 5 weeks before i gave birth to my 2nd daughter

179530 tn?1368936603
by mature_enough, Oct 18, 2011
I'm sorry nic. That must have been so hard.

1394601 tn?1328032308
by Sumanadevii, Nov 10, 2011
Just curious?  Why not eat of the placenta?  Many do.  It is good for you and the baby.

179530 tn?1368936603
by mature_enough, Nov 10, 2011
I'm not opposed to that. In fact I have my best friend’s organ stored in my deep freeze right now so that she can encapsulate it. :)

1394601 tn?1328032308
by Sumanadevii, Nov 10, 2011
Yes, I have heard of people doing that ...comes from the California

My mother and her family stir fried it with rice and peanut sauce.  She said it was delicious.  I said "No way in hell"

Of course, eastern countries do it for a very different reason than western.  

179530 tn?1368936603
by mature_enough, Nov 14, 2011
Hahaha Sounds like my DH! I was willing to eat it, but my husband said "This is not an option"
Since he was already bending so much for me (leaving our son intact and supporting my decision to tandem nurse) I was afraid to push the issue w/ him.

I have so much support from him in all other aspects outside of the norm. But I have never seen him react so quickly when I brought up the benefits of eating the disposable organ.

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