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Possible Miscarriage

Jul 02, 2011 - 0 comments

Think I'm having a MC :( Dr hasn't said yes or no yet. My HCG went from 35 last week to 34 this past Thursday (1 week later). Going in on 7/5 to check numbers again. A little sad but I'm trying not to let it get me until we know 100% that I've lost it.
I woke up Thursday morning, 6/30, and when I went to the bathroom and wiped there was some pinkish spotting on the tissue.
I was supposed to go in just for blood work but when I went in (with my DH because he wanted to be there) they drew blood and decided to do a pelvic exam. The NP said she did see blood in there. She recommended I go to their imaging center and get a transvag u/s just to see what's going on. She also said I'm on bed rest and pelvic rest ( no sex) until I haven't bled for 3 days straight.
Imaging said they'll call the Dr to discuss results and we just need to go home. DH went to work and I went home. NP called and said that I'm so early (earlier than the 6 weeks that I think I am) and she couldn't see anything and give me a definitive answer as to what was going on. Blood has to come out and I don't need to worry about the quantity. She's had many ladies come in with baggies full of tissues drenched in blood who carried their babies to full term. So until my hcg goes down to the single digits, she's not going to count this out. She also said that it depends on God and I like that she said that instead of spewing medical jargon.
So, as of today, Saturday, I've been in bed or on the couch and I'm BORED! But I know this is all for my health and the health of the life growing (hopefully) inside me. The scariest part of all this that's really worrying me is the cramping that's going with this bleeding. It comes and goes. Sometimes on one side or the other. Other times in the center of my lower abdomen. There's a little lower back pain too when I cramp. The Internet at this point is more scary than helpful because I'm looking at all the possibilities of what it could be.
Am I ectopic? Would they have seen that on the u/s? Is it a mc? Or is it .....? I don't know...,.
My DH has been wonderful. He is doing everything that he can. His son, my stepson, is back from his Mother's house so we had to tell him what's going on because he was worried. He's 15 so we figured he would understand and step it up to help out.
If this doesn't pan out, at least we know that I can get pg. There's the silver lining. I need o be strong for myself and my family. DH is trying to keep my spirits up but I can tell that he's completely devastated and trying to hide it.
Writing this has really helped. It's also taking my mind off my cramping.
Will update or add when I know more.

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