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phase 3

Jul 03, 2011 - 0 comments

I'm on my second day of p3. I've daten baked chicken, veggies,  cheese, and pepperoni over the course of two days. I just wanted a taste of the things I missed eating. I purchase ezekiel hot dog buns and bread in case I want a sausage or toast. also purchased more stevia (my life line). I don't really plan to eat lots of stuff because being on this diet for so long has taught me to eat to live instead of live to eat. Of course I'm still looking for that snow cone and ice cream made using stevia because that's what I'm craving. I also found the most delicious hand picked strawberried and ate half of the quart on the way home. I also long for a tall glass of coke but what can I say. I might try the stevia soda that they sell at my local health food store. I did see a soda maker at Sears and I'm looking for some diet soda recipes on line. well, I feel pretty darn good and i even lost another 2 pounds second day without my hcg. Will keep you posted. and thanks for the support.

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