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Jul 05, 2011 - 1 comments

I was reading through some of my recent journal entries and decided I wanted to do an update.

If anyone actually reads these entries, you may remember that I said I was going to be eating "clean" when I was starting the most recent batch of diet pills. I've been eating like this ever since that day, so I thought maybe I could elaborate a little.

Here is what my typical day looks like:
Breakfast: 2 poached eggs, 1 bowl (1-2 cups) of fruit (typically blueberries or grapes, but this week is strawberries)
Snack: 1+ cup of fruit (watermelon, kiwi, nectarine, grapes, cantaloupe...)
Lunch: 6 inch Weight Watchers wrap with 1 slice of havarti cheese and 2 slices of white turkey breast (deli... so not ideal, but the lesser of many evils), 1/3 cup of unsalted almonds (unsalted cashews this week), and a piece of fruit (kiwi, apple, or orange)
Snack: 1+ cup of fruit (same as above)
Dinner: Whatever happens, happens.

For me, it is hard to behave at dinner time. My boyfriend is not in on this eating healthy thing, so we go out to a restaurant (we both live at home). He orders whatever he wants while I try to be good, but I usually cave and get something I really want instead of what I SHOULD have and SORT OF want. I'm trying to conquer salads. I really hate them, but the veggies are good...

I'm also buying cucumbers, red peppers and cauliflower. I need to eat these instead of chips since one of the main reasons I like eating chips is to hear that CRUNCH.

I hope anyone who's curious found this entry useful. If not, oh well. I'm sure someone somewhere has a valid entry for you. :)

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by lilrhibabie, Jul 05, 2011
so helpful :) i had a bowl of raseberries for breakfast :D

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