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Jul 06, 2011 - 3 comments










Hey, been cleaning and organizing some stuff, still have to go outside and go through everything but it's too damn hot to do that right now, waiting til later and gonna do all that stuff.  I'm feeling better today and more accomplished even though I didn't get as much done as I should have for the time being.  Hey, with two little kids I think I did pretty damn good :) haha.  Anyway, gonna get back to cleaning now and hopefully fill up some more totes and tape'em up!  A while back I bought some purple and teal duck tape for them so it makes me happy when I get to use it :) Dork? Yes, I know lol.  But whatever helps right? haha....Heather, totally doing that thing you told me about too :) Everyone have a great day!!! :D

P.S. Sorry I haven't been on so much lately!!!

P.S.S. (you know it's really supposed to be P.P.S.?) Anyway, lol does anyone know what I can safely clean pictures with?  Like I found some pics that I got from my hubby's grandma a while back that she was throwing out that had been through their house fire, so most are all black and have soot and stuff, I want to put them all in an album before I get up there with Hubby but need to clean them first and don't want to mess them up more....thanks :D

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13167 tn?1327194124
by RockRose, Jul 06, 2011
There is actually a product - it's an off-white sponge thing - that takes soot off paper.  I worked in  an office building that had major fire damage,  and we had to get those sponges to wipe off our legal documents and other forms so you could read them again.  I think we bought them from a place that does fire cleanup.  I don't think they're in stores - good luck with it!

932659 tn?1332118704
by ANewLife4Me, Jul 06, 2011
We used to do fire restoration at a company I worked for and here they were called "chemical sponges", they lift the soot off docs and pics like RockRose said.  Good luck with cleaning them :)

1641357 tn?1470495393
by tgtiffany, Jul 06, 2011
Thanks for the info!  I'll definitely look to see where I can get them!  I know some of them were all melted together and I hate to put them in hot water to get them apart, so I figured if I can't find anything better I can just wipe them with a moist cloth, at least it's better than nothing! Thanks again :)

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