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One month post ablation for SVT progress

Jul 07, 2011 - 4 comments

post ablation







One month ago today I had my procedure for SVT. Reflecting back over the past month, if I could give anyone advice through what I've experienced it would be to take it easy for a month after the procedure. In my mind, I felt so wonderful and eager to start living a life, but my body wasn't willing.  My heart just wouldn't let me, it needed to heal. If I pushed it too hard, I would feel a tightness in my chest with pain and shortness of breath. Now a month later, I'm able to walk on the treadmill for a mile, even though I'm still building up to where I was before the ablation.  While resting my heart felt great and that fooled me into thinking I was good to go when the heart wasn't. It had been injured with that burn and that takes time to heal.

Now I have to tackle a few other health issues:  getting my bad back into shape and start losing weight again. I started taking supplements again yesterday. Before the ablation, I didn't trust anything I was taking and I still won't take krill oil. I still get a lot  of PACs and my EP told me that wouldn't change. But, I can tolerate them more because I know the PAC won't lead to SVT. I've had extra early PACs a few times because I've felt the long pause that would usually end in SVT. That is something I have to get used to. It feels now like my heart stops beating for a moment and that is a little scary. It's strange to feel such stillness, whereas before with the SVT, I felt like I could die with the pounding and racing heart out of control.

One of the things I've loved to do is to help others in this forum become aware that they don't have to live with SVT. I had a lady in my town call me  who has SVT. I was so glad to be able to tell her it could be fixed and to get right to a good EP. There are so many who suffer from this, who go for years like I did not knowing that it can be fixed. I wish there was a way to make more people aware. I wish there was a way to let regular gps and even cardios know that they just need to get people to an EP if a person has electrical problems. They are the experts. I'll never forget my EP looking right at me and asking, "Why hasn't anyone sent you to me before?" I wondered the same thing.

Each day that goes by, I feel more grateful that I had it done. I'm still cautious with my heart, a survival mechanism I suppose, but I'm ready to move on

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by Jannie411, Jul 07, 2011
Congrats on reaching your one-month post-ablation milestone!!   From the three-months post-ablation standpoint, I have to tell have LOTS to look forward to.  Every day will continue to get better and better!!

I can relate to the back issues.  My back problem did some minor flaring up in the weeks before and just after ablation when I had to refrain from exercising.  It's finally going back to normal, with only a few very minor twinges.  I think we will always need to exercise regularly to be able to keep the back problems at bay, with the nice little side effect of weight loss.

Likewise, we will probably experience the pesky PACs and PVCs from time to time.  I too get the dreaded "thump" occasionally, but thankfully nothing else happens.

I am so glad you're on this forum and that we met.  It is wonderful to help others and to learn from their experiences and insight as well.  Don't know what I would have done without this group, when I was going into the ablation experience.  My EP said the same thing to me as yours said to you.  I will never understand why my former PCP refused to refer me for ablation and wonder how many other patients have been deprived of this positive life changing procedure.

Again, congratulations!  Are you going to do anything special to celebrate your SVT-free month?

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by merileegal, Jul 07, 2011
I hadn't thought about celebrating. Hmmmm......maybe drink a diet Dr. Pepper with lots of ice without the fear of SVT????

I too am glad we met. This forum has been a god send.

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by jpek, Jul 16, 2011
I am glad you are feeling better.  Your desire to help others is inspirational.  
I wish you all the best.

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by merileegal, Jul 16, 2011
Thank you. I'm doing better and better each day.

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