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watery discharge from my BBs. isn't it early for that?

Jul 15, 2011 - 13 comments







prregnant sore nipples


sore nipple



woke up with extremely sore nipples today thought it was normal and ignored it until I decided to change n found watery spots on my bra. what cud this b? am I gonna start leaking now at 15 weeks? will it continue till the end of my pregnancy??  hmm..and while at it any tips for dealing with sore nipples?

Thanks in advance Ladies! :)

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by journey2motherhood, Jul 15, 2011
Hi Hala - I'm sorry that I have no idea, but there has to be a pregnant lady on here that can help you!! :-) Joann

1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, Jul 15, 2011
aww it's enuf that u cared enuf to comment..I'm so lucky to have u as a friend!  :) xoxoxoxo

1386655 tn?1452097056
by journey2motherhood, Jul 15, 2011
Oh any time my dear!! xoxo

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by natasha2004, Jul 15, 2011
It is probably just colustrum which is what you produce before you get your milk in after the delivery. You could leak the rest or you might find you leak when you put pressure on your boobs. They sell the nursing pads which are thin and will fit right inside the bra so you don't get any embarrassing leaking on your clothes. I know this might sound crazy but if you squeeze athe nipple it is possible you will see what your leaking. The colostrum is very thin watery maybe slightly brownish or so in color. I wouldn't worry about a thing.GL

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by angelbabies, Jul 16, 2011
yup im thinking colostrum, i started leaking with dd about 16 weeks and had to use breast pads all through my pregnancy, good thing is though i think it means ur have a good milk supply if you plan to bf, i had a very good milk supply after dd was born :) its normal! u wait till the milk comes in after ur baby is born lol! x

1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, Jul 16, 2011

Wow!! and I thut I wouldnt b able to BF my baby lloll thats funny. it so exciting at first I thought it was some sort of inflammation from being so sore haha turns out its a confirmation that there might b milk supply one day

Thank u Ladies ur the BEST!!

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by retta483, Jul 16, 2011
they sell lanolin cream well looks more like a jelly it goes on sore nips :) and you can breast feed even with it on . it was a Lifesaver for me  but yeah you are probley getting colustrum and that is good you will probley have a good milk supply :)

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by cindylouwho514, Jul 16, 2011
I am over 17 weeks now I noticed the same thing a week ago. Mine aren't leaking too bad though. My nipples were sore when I first got pregnant, that got better but now they're back to being sore again. I'm sure this is normal. I just never noticed these things when I was pregnant 20 years ago. It seems now I notice every little thing.  

1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, Jul 16, 2011

Thanks Ladies, I'm glad I'm not alone in this!

Retta, ur a life saver! I cant express how thankful I am! can barely wear a bra now with all the pain I'll make sure I run to the pharmacy and get that tomorrow.
any news on the bleeding? when's ur Dr's appointment RE - scheduled?  hehe

1194973 tn?1385503904
by Clysta, Jul 16, 2011
Another thing you might want to try is to walk around either without a bra or just topless. My midwife suggested this to me, in addition to the lanolin cream and it worked really well.

I agree with the others though, sounds very normal to be leaking. I started to at 25 weeks, and had a really good supply. How come you didn't think you'd be able to BF?

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by princessren88, Jul 16, 2011
Oh good!!! My midwife told me that's a good sign of a good milk production!!!! :) nothing wrong with that!! You'll probably have it till the end but some don't get it till later some sooner! totally normal and good too!

1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, Jul 17, 2011

Clysta, Thanks for the info I actually thut I wouldn't cuz I have a cyst that's been there for many yrs lol plus I'v already had prolactin issues in the past. in addition to having family history (Mother) of not being able to BF past 4 months I really hope I get the chance to breastfeed my baby read a lot about how helpful it is to their growth.

Thanks for the advice Ladies, I'm getting more n more excited althu DH doesn't think its much fun haha he started calling me "Mummy" a LOT more haha

1527510 tn?1392301344
by Carly1306, Jul 17, 2011
Aww Hala, at least if you are able to breastfeed for a short amount of time, whether it be 4 months...or 4 weeks, it's better than not being able to at all. Look at this as a good sign :)

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