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FL4I Cycle 1 Day 11

Jul 20, 2011 - 2 comments





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Well I am doing better than planned Weigh in for day 10 is 255.6, that is a 8.4 lbs loss since day 1 we will see what the final weight is for tomorrow, i plan on getting a small bowl of ice cream just a small one though. LOLOLOLOL I will try not to gain any back on the free day weekend.

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by Rachellle, Jul 20, 2011
Good for you!!  I totally blew it on my first "free day weekend", but tomorrow is the last day of Cycle 2 for me also.

I have nothing I'm craving or anything for this weekend, so I may have a burger or something, but I'm going to try hard to be good.

Seems like once I'm on a diet program, if I do anything different from the program, I gain.  Hopefully I wont gain half of what I've lost back again...actually I gained back more than half on Cycle 1.

You're doing great!  Enjoy your "small bowl of ice cream"!  I choose the frozen yogurt on my cycles and am actually enjoying that better than ice cream.  So, I guess when I get to my goal, the frozen yogurt will be something I get instead of ice cream.

How did your "Veggie Day" go?  I hated mine...first cycle I did 2 fruit days and did better than on veggie day when I gained.  I was shocked.

Whatawoman (Helen) is on vacation and will be starting on Cycle 2 on Monday, July 25. I'll be starting Cycle 3.  

I'm hoping that 13 cycles of this will get me to my goal and hoping that this program keeps on working.

I don't know how people with jobs and kids/families handle dieting and exercise. I'm a spoiled housewife and I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the dieting and exercising....couldn't imagine the hell it would be if I had to work.

You're doing great!  Are you happy with your results?

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by bebe2011, Jul 21, 2011
I did ok with veggie day I could only eat two of the meals and I am happy with the results I got so far my final weigh in is 254.6 I was hoping to get to the 10 lbs mark I think I would have if I didnt screw up fruit day good luck with your free day weekend I am gonna try not to gain anything over the weekend

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