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"Wish List"

Sep 27, 2008 - 4 comments

                                                             Grow Roses
                                                             Visit Europe
                                                          Find a sundress
                                                         Memorize a poem         (Wrote a poem, Dec. 2008)
                                                         Dance in the rain              ( fDone, Fall, 2008)
                                                Go kayaking down a Fl. river
                                              Fill a third book with postcards
                                        Visit Colorado, Arizona, and Montana  
                                          Create and publish my own recipe    (Done, dessert &, white pizza, & chicken recipes Fall, 2008)
                                                  Play on a real grand piano
                                                    Host a garden party
                                                     Ride a snowmobile
                                                          Wear make-up                (Eye Shadow 2008)
                                                    Learn how to dance               (The electric slide, New Years Eve 2008, hilarious)
                                                     Be a bridesmaid
                                                        Laugh more                    ( I'm starting to smile more)
                                                         Find a job
                                                     Decorate a cake
                                                   Design a web page                 (Done, Fall 2008, weebly)
                                                Become a photographer
                                               Have my own apartment
                                          Own a real mirror in my room
                                                  Make soy-ice cream
                                           Splash in the Pacific Ocean
                                            Go sledding or inter-tubing
                                      See a real pro sports game in person
                                                Experience my first kiss
                                                     Volunteer again
                                                 Wear contacts
                                                      Own a car                                   (Done-August 2008, yellow Mazda Protege 5)

Do you have one? A "to-do list" or a "dream List" you know, things you would like to do, or dream of doing but haven't yet....they are somewhere in your mind floating about as dreams or ideas but not really goals or plans and you have never really wrote them down, looked them over and said..."yeah, I'm going to do this." So, here's mine..... what's yours?

(ok, so some of mine ARE definite goals.... but well, others are just hopes and dreams, so don't be critical ok) :) :) :)

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494672 tn?1254152672
by Janette2836, Sep 27, 2008
What a good idea!  I have never put it in writting - it is bouncing around nside my head but not going anywhere.  What a great list - do you have a timeline in mind  :)  I will meet you at the Pacific & we can splash together  :)


559187 tn?1330782856
by Sarahsmom46, Sep 29, 2008
Sunny - I love your list.  What a great idea as Janette already mentioned.  I have done a gratitude list before, but I like this "wish" list and am inspired to do one of my own.  Where in Europe would you chose to go?  Start marking them off :)  



486038 tn?1300063367
by Sunnytoday, Sep 29, 2008
Thanks guys!!
I'd love to have someone to do this with.... I often get a bit lonely, but of course, some of these things are meant to do by myself.

As far as Europe... there are so many neat places there, and I'd love to just go and ramble, although I know that costs a bit much. Once I mark of "find a Job" I will be able to start saving for my traveling dreams. :)

I finally just wrote this down becuase i WANT to do these things, and I know I'm a list person, so this will help me do them, i don't want to just dream about them my whole life. :)


486038 tn?1300063367
by Sunnytoday, Jan 01, 2009
I did a few things!!
I'm going to keep working on this!

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