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Making Progress!!

Sep 28, 2008 - 1 comments

Well, I have been feeling pretty good for the most part.... I only had 1 minor attack last week and I haven't started any new medications. So far my progress with my thearpist is working for me. Yeah! :)

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by Bamb344140, Mar 15, 2010
Hi, I stumbled upon your profile from this website and I wanted to tell you good job for working with a therapist and not relying solely on medication.  So many people think that only medication is the answer, either because they are scared to get help or just don't really understand what is wrong with them.

I will be 30 in May and I too suffer from Anxiety and Panic Disorder and mildly OCD, apparently they tend to go hand and hand.   I know how you feel and I wanted to tell you that Therapy has been the only thing that has helped me.  I'm a Surgical Sales rep so I work in the medical field and I've met with many doctors about this disease but finding the right Therapist is most important.  It's really odd that apparently most of us our whole lives were wired for Anxiety, however I never realized it until my symptoms started getting worse over the last two years.  I guess age has a lot to do with it, especially in women.  I'm not sure what type of therapy your doctor is working on with you but Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will absolutely help you.  Be strong and positive you will get better!  There is so many people like us, we are not alone.  In the beginning I felt helpless and thought I would never get better but just give it one day at a time and you will get better!!!  

Also if you are interested, these books really helped me!
"Triumph Over Fear"  by Jerilyn Ross (the founder/President of the Anxiety Disorders Assoc., of America)
"Hope and Help for your Nerves" by Dr. Claire Weekes

Take care and Good Luck!!!

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