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More Antibiotics-  no insurance-this needs to stop!

Jul 28, 2011 - 0 comments


Went to doctor at Urgent Clinic yesterday after work since my dr office cannot seem to call me back or get me in to be seen(and I'm not happy about).  Saw Dr Skinner.  He gave me Clarithromycin 500mg and mucinex d.  And excuse to stay home for next 2 days.  I'm at work as I can't afford to not get paid and don't want to leave Bruce hanging.  Symptoms today are fatigue as usual even after rest and sleep, weakness, some dizziiness, muscle cramps in arms below elbow, weakness in legs, throat sore, right ear hurting and slight headache on left top side of head (could be from clarithromycin).  This all really ***** as I have no insurance!  The meds alone yesterday were $115...this has got to stop and soon.  I've been feeling like crap and have been fatigued for 6-8 months now and it's just gotten worse!  I feel like I''m going to lose my mind!  UGH!  I'm very irritable today...

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