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getting touretts as a adults

Oct 19, 2007 - 0 comments

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hi  i am a recoveing addict drugs and booze i havent drank in 14 years and no drugs in 1 and a half years i have sever depprsion and anxiety (sorry for spelling i am dislexic to) any ways my new docs says i have touretts i never herd of some getting it in there late thirtys i think its from all those drugs i took or a side effect from my sever anxeity and depression. it totaly mimics touretts but i thaught you had to have it when your young and then it (most of the time goes away or minamizes when you get older?? i know im not given enough info but can someone that knows about tourttes help or anyinfo needed. i yawn alot when i get nerves ( but when i am home i am fine 98% off the time, and my body joilts when i sit in one spot or lay down to sleep my hole body will fly up in the air (like when your dreaming your falling and your about to crash and you joilt up out of a sleep well i do that totaly awake??? please help again sorry for spelling they got to put spell check in here!!!

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