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Vagal nerve

Aug 03, 2011 - 5 comments

My acid reflux was really bothering me yesterday so I googled vagal nerve because I've read that it can affect acid reflux and the heart. I wondered what the connection was. I found out that if the vagal nerve is damaged, or irritated it can cause arrythmias, acid reflux due to digestion problems, CHOKING,and  swallowing problems all of which I have.  So I thought about going to a neurologist but decided....what would they tell me? They'd either say I had a problem or not or put me on some med or tell me to just live with it. So I guess there's no point in getting help. I choose to just live with it and in the mean time, I'll research things that can be done naturally like losing weight. I'm sure my weight might be irritating the vagal nerve. So this is a great motivator to do what I have to do.

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by LindaTX, Aug 12, 2011
Hi Merilee....thanks for the sweet note, I am better after 6 days of ugh!  We leave Vegas today and I will be so happy to be back home.  I think I may have already told you this but I take a prescription of Omeprezole and it calms my stomach and Vagus nerve and keeps the acid reflux at bay.  I've often wondered if my a-fib episodes didn't start because of an endoscopy I had in the late 90's.  I think it may have aggravated my Vagus nerve.  Just can't really be sure if there is a connection.  Hope yours is getting under control.

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by merileegal, Aug 12, 2011
Glad you're feeling better. I really don't like taking meds at all. It seems the side effects always get me. I've had joint problems for years so I've used ibuprofen type products for years and it's always helped my pain. I was always so carfeful to eat before I took the ibuprofen and never took more than I needed. The side effect: acid reflux. So I looked up the side effects for prevacid and it says it can rob the body of calcium and magnesium and can cause arrythmias. It is all such a domino effect. So I only take it when it's really bad. Otherwise, I'm trying the natural route by trying to balance my body so it's more akaline rather than acidic. I'm making green smoothies full of raw fruits and veggies and flax see with a dash of protein. So far so good and I'm feeling pretty good.

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by LindaTX, Mar 11, 2012
Hey, are you doing...haven't talked to you in awhile.  Are you still drinking the smoothies?  I should try that.  I'm trying to lose at least 20 lbs before my daughter's wedding the end of next month.  I haven't had any heart palpitations or arrhythmias lately....knock on wood!  I never do have the acid reflux on Omeprazole.  My calcium and magnesium levels are normal and I've been on it for a couple of yrs. now.  Let me hear back on all your latest. PM me, ok?  I just realized we're on your journal, not private message, lol.

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by DeReed, Sep 07, 2015
Hi ladies, I am new to this page. I was wondering if you can help me with advice on how to handle this situation. I am not sure if you discussed how in previous threads. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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by merileegal, Sep 07, 2015
What are your symptoms?

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