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Feeling Good

Aug 03, 2011 - 5 comments

Feeling good

Well tomorrow is the end of Week 2.  I have been feeling pretty good this week.  I even played 9 holes of golf this afternoon.  It was overcast and drizzling, but that beats the heat.  All in all, a great day!

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by crossroadsec, Aug 03, 2011
Zippity do dah! Glad you're having some fun on the golf course. Go girl! Karen

1742483 tn?1329837024
by take2, Aug 06, 2011
wouldn't it be great if you went out to play golf and, unbeknownst to you, you have a crazy good day on the course? i mean you shoot scratch golf just like the pros? discover that the medicine gives everyone super human hand-eye coordination to go along with the burning butt and rash? that would be great .... just imagine .... a good side effect

1749655 tn?1321800934
by ann61, Aug 08, 2011
I actually played pretty well but not with super human!  I could take a little good mixed with the bad.  Just coming off of Week 3 shot on Friday.  Saturday was fine, but yesterday was tough.  Fever from noon to bedtime.  Would peak at 102 and then break and then come back....very cyclical and this despite advil.  Hips also hurt and now my eye balls as well as my hiney are burning!  Oh the joy of treatment!

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by cctex, Aug 08, 2011
At least you got to get outside on an OVERCAST DRIZZLING DAY!!!  There are a few of us who would do just about anything for that!  AND you felt good for a while.  That's good, too.  Day by day is how we have to take it.  I'd be tickled if I could just get this cough to go away!
Hope the week gets better for you!

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by Gerbils, Aug 08, 2011
Ditto on the cyclical sides! Ditto on feeling pretty darn good occasionally (ok it was a few weeks ago but remember this stuff is cyclical!) Ditto on the hip pain (comes and goes). Cut it out, you guys, you are making me feel...well, almost normal! Wishing everyone more good days!

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