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Started triple treatment on Aug 1st

Aug 09, 2011 - 2 comments

I think that the unknown is the scariest part of it... I took my first shot Monday Aug 1st, was good all that day, Tuesday I had fever and aches, took  200mg ibuprofen every 8hours, Wed same thing fever and aches.  The hardest thing I have is eating 20 grams of fat every 8hours with the dose of Incivek. Even on a drum stick(icecream) u can start to burn urself out on certian things.  I seem to have aquired a small rash of a few raised parts on my left arm.  Not bad tho, I have been using cortizone and it takes care of the itch very well.  I am pretty tired tho, sleeping alot.  I took my second shot yesterday, It doesnt hurt at all, the needle is very small..and so far so good, I dont even feel like I did last Tuesday.  It seems like as long as I take the ibuprofen with the incivek, then I do alot better with the fever and aches n pains.  All n all, It isnt as bad as I thought for.  Hope this post will help someone wanting aswers before their treatment.  Drink plenty of water because of the fever, get some drumsicks w/nuts, ibuprofen, and cortizone and you should be just fine.  Also  a mild headache, but the ibuprofen takes care of that also. Had blood work yesterday, go to the MD friday, I'll keep U guys informed. Thanks for the support!!  

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by dreamcat, Aug 09, 2011
this is a good thing to know -- i wholeheartedly agree that the unknowing is the scary part.  usually, the anticipation isn't as bad as the reality, but with this, one never knows how each of us will do on treatment.  

thanks for your post... :)

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by alycat799, Aug 25, 2011
i am also on the treatment and it is annoying trying to find things with 20 grams of fat! especially when i want to sleep in and i cant because i have to eat and take my medicine!!!

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