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5 Days Out to Transfer

Aug 12, 2011 - 1 comments

Getting so excited to start on Page 2 of my Protocol calendar.  That means we are sooo close!!  The next 4 days are horrid with the meds!

At 6:15am I took my thyroid meds.  Waited two hours to eat (because I went for what was probably my last jog/run for I hope 9 or so months), and with breakfast I took my metformin, antibiotic, and endometrin.  Oh the joys of starting Endometrin again and the mini pads.  I've not taken my Medrol and still need to take my prenatal, baby aspirin and then more Endometrin, metformin and antibiotics tonight.  I just can't stomach all these drugs at once.  I'm going to try and take Medrol with something else to eat this morning because I take prenatal and baby aspirin at lunch and it already turns my tummy.  Four days of this nasty Medrol stuff.  Ugh.  But, thankfully, all these meds mean I am so close to my cycle!

Five days to transfer.  I am so excited.  After so many failed cycles and loses I have no idea how I am just so positive that this is going to work and I will even be doubly blessed with twins.  I guess it's faith.  I have lot's of faith and hope that I am going to be blessed.  It's my time.  God is going to bless me, I believe it.

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by redhead68, Aug 12, 2011
Yes, you do deserve it and you will be blessed!! I feel that it will happen to you this time !!! Hang in there!

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