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Aug 15, 2011 - 1 comments

We went for our 9 week ultrasound this morning...immediately I knew something was wrong when I saw my doctor's face. No heartbeat. Doctor said the baby had probably died a week back and D & C is scheduled for Friday morning.  Having a little pitty party right now....any prayers are welcome...

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by Maddie_Bear, Aug 16, 2011
Sorry to hear for your loss.  You will definitely be in my prayers.  It is really hard to deal with the loss of your child during pregnancy.  I hope everything goes well during your D & C and that there are no more complications to deal with.  You can message me to talk, vent or whatever, whenever.  :)  I will be here to help you through this, if you'd like.

Take care and I hope everything gets better for you.


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