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well im still here...suffering with a lot more different symptoms.

Aug 17, 2011 - 0 comments

I havent been here in a while i have been more sick going back and forth to the hospital...with phenomonia, bacteria going to my heart, bacteria swelling my kidneys, face swelling with numbness, pus running from the decayed tooth from the crown no one dentist i went to discovered....something that is not my one will help me cause they cut the dental here in boston...i can afford to get my mouth fixed...but some one should have pulled this decayed still tasting the pus my throat is still swelling too the theoglossal dust cyst grew since the infection startd in may can i be denied urine and blood test looking the way i do i lost so much weight...i use to be 230 and now im it not my right to know what is going on with my has gotten to the point now when im asking for medical help they send the police to put me in a mental hospital...when i collected my records from the three dentist that treated me especially the first dentist  who did the rooth canal in the 2001 he had 61 visits...14 when i was pregnant...I dont remember...too much gas and mental medication...but later in march 2002 my son cord broke off in his stomach and he died for 17 minutes was in the nicu had transfusions paddles to his little heart and lots of swelling...but no one listen when i repoted 103 fevers, swollen lymph nodes, and head aches that were not son live now he is nine...but he is developmentally delayed....and all of this is led back to many that dont listen..10 years going to the hospital...over 300 visits and infection found....but no one will help...blood is never red no more but green...    thank you for reading and listening.

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