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Aug 18, 2011 - 1 comments




I am hurt from further acknowledged rejection from members of my family.  The only reason why I am rejected is because, in their I eyes they see a 'mentally sick person'.  I'm obviously not worth bothering about.  A brother, a sister, a step sister are all getting on very nicely without me.  How sweet.  I hate it so much.  Guess it's what I deserve.  I don't know anymore.

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by Punkinhead75, Aug 18, 2011
I identify a lot with what you are saying.  Family members and friends stayed away from me during my drinking periods.  I was very unstable and sometimes even dangerous to be around.  My question to you is have you bothered reaching out to help yourself?  You have posted threads in other forums and folks have given you some good suggestions.  Have you tried any?  I slowly came to realize that none of my family and friends could do anything to help me until I became willing to help myself.  I had to take the first step.  I had to stop focusing on what other people were or weren't doing and focus on what I can do.  It's not too early to get help.  Find yourself an AA mtg.  I'm sure there are plenty of there who are willing to give you a hand.  Take care!!!

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