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AFib @ 1:05 AM

Aug 24, 2011 - 1 comments




First time since the very first episode that I had AFib in the wee hours of the morning. I was in bed and turned on my left side and WHAM it hit! I turned onto my back hoping it would stop...nothing, so I got up and went & sat in the reclyner. My first BP & HR weren't bad: 117/81 P 74 so I took it again and it was: 102/78 P 134 - that's when I took the 100mg Flecainide. Then I took my BP & HR after a few minutes: 88/73 P 63 -What?! That's not I took it again: 118/73 P 68 -WTH?! Again: 115/92 P 77 -I KNOW my HR was higher then that! What's going on? Don't know, but I better not take any more Flec with a normal HR, so I went to bed still in AFib. I couldn't sleep, so I listened to my IPod until I did. Terrible night. But, the AFib wasn't as bad as it has been in the past. Started out that way, but when I went to bed, it wasn't as bad. Just weird...

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by MotherMom, Aug 24, 2011
Post note: As far as my "cure for the middle age middle" goes...that's over. Ran out of protein shake powder (thank the lord!). So, I am eating within the perameters of the shakes twice daily. The only problem is squeezing in that much protein (40 grams!). I don't think I can do that and stay in the calorie range I want to be in. I know I hear about, "You don't have to count calories on low carb, just the carbs!"...ya...I tried that and while I never technically gained weight, I could NOT lose weight! I have to restrict myself, at least at this point- just until I get the weight off-THEN I can enjoy the freedom of eating until satiated and not counting calories to maintain! I KNOW I can maintain just fine on this lifestyle!
So, day one of calorie counting begins...:^(

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