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Ronalda Alexis birth story ( i know its late lol)

Aug 25, 2011 - 0 comments

July 5th when i went to the dr i was told i was 2 cm but her head was still high. By this time I felt like i would be pregnant forever lol. July 9th as I was getting ready for bed instead of going to sleep i kept doing things like washing dishes putting away clothes, vacuuming etc. guess I knew it was time. Finally i went to sleep around i was awaken around 1:30 am with a sharp pain didn't think anything of it use the bathroom and laid back down then the pain hit again and again back to back i told df this might be it but he was to sleepy to comprehend so i walked around the house thinking maybe it would stop but didn't they were exactly 3 min apart call the dr about 2am but he never called back by 2:30 the pains were stopping me dead in my tracks so i told df we needed to go we took the girls to my moms house and headed to the hospital in the way it looked like they had stopped and got scared they would send me home empty handed but when i got there and began signing in one hit me like a brick and i almost hit the floor. Once in the back i was hooked up and was checked i 5 and a half centimeters i was so happy. i was put in a room about 3:30 am  I got an epidural asap cause the pain was horrible Once epidural had kicked in i was progressing well a little after 12p at 9 cm her heart started to drop which scared me was put on oxygen and she was put on internal monitor the dr came checked me i was still 9cm but he told me to push anyway and after 3 pushes she was out @12:42pm and i was so happy. She was 7lbs 8 oz 19 1/2 in. she weighed more than both of my older girls. Once all cleaned up i held her but soon had to let her go because i began to shake uncontrollably i was freezing, my bp was 200+/100+ i had a fever and vomiting i just felt horrible and they couldn't figure out why all blood work came back normal no infections they said i was probably an after effect of the epidural but i had never had that happen before. 2 hours later everything stopped instantly no shakes, bp and fever went down and was able hold my baby again. I could wait until my older girls got there so they could see her cause there patience had wore out and they thought their baby sister would never come out, when they got there the couldn't get enough of her and still cant they cried when it was time for them to leave.Didn't have anymore problems with my bp or fever and was discharged 2 days later! Sorry it almost 7 weeks for me to post my birth story been so busy.

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