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Can earlobes be repaired that have been stretched or torn by earrings? Yes, they can be!

Aug 25, 2011 - 4 comments









earlobe repair


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Ear piercing puts the lobe at risk for many kinds of damage including stretching, tearing and keloid scarring. Many people do not know that their earlobes can be repaired and restored with plastic surgery. Your ears are not only one of the most visible parts of your body but also very fashionable and make a major statement by how they look and what jewelry you wear. Torn earlobes can occur due to trauma or after wearing heavy earrings for an extended period of time. Earlobes can then be completely torn or the area of the piercing can just be widened. These tears are often very visible and may be hard to cover with your hair. If this occurs, a simple office based procedure can be used to repair the tear. In addition to torn earlobes, sometimes earlobes can become pulled over time. This too can be surgically corrected with a simple office based procedure.

How is the procedure performed?

Under local anesthesia to numb your earlobe, the skin edges are refreshed and sutured together with stitches.  An adhesive covering is then placed over the stitches that will stay on until the stitches are removed 7 days later.

Is it a painful procedure?

When the numbing medication is injected there is a ***** and a little sting; after that, it is a painless procedure performed in an outpatient setting.  When the numbing medicine wears off, there may be some mild discomfort which is controlled with acetaminophen.

How long is the procedure?

The procedure takes about 15-30 minutes per earlobe.

When can the earlobes be pierced again?

Generally, 2-4 months after the repair the earlobes can be pierced again.  Many plastic surgeons will actually pierce the earlobes in the office for patients who have had their earlobes repaired.


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18954 tn?1314298117
by Pam, Aug 25, 2011
This is fantastic news!  All these years, I assumed repair was not possible.  Thank you so much for this great information!

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by skippym771, Aug 26, 2011
How costly is this and is it covered by insurance at all?

1563771 tn?1299816537
by Michael B Wolfeld, MDBlank, Aug 27, 2011

Usually this is not covered by insurance, it is considered a cosmetic procedure.  The cost is from $500-$800 per earlobe.

Thanks for the question.

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by TT7522, Sep 06, 2011
I had both my earlobes repaired several times. The doctor who did this recommended I never pierce my ears again. I wear clip on earrings and even paste on errings. The procedure was done under general anesetic and I wa prescribed general painkillers which I did not need. Go for it. you will not regret it.  I had 3 holes in each ear at one time. My earlobe was actually torn all the way. You cannot even tell they were repaired at all. Teresa- Ohio. My insurance did cover most of it also

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