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Triple Therapy RASH!

Aug 28, 2011 - 4 comments

O-MY!! Im at the end of week 4 and this rash has gotten the best of me today.  I have cried alot of tears in the last 24hrs, The itch is driving me insane.  It strated on the top of my arms, close to the elbows, the left are has about 30 bumps, they look like misquito bites, they arent red, but they are raised and itchy, same way around both ankels, about 20 bumps around right ankel and less on the left.  the rash under both arms(armpits) look different, hey are red and more patchy like, they itch like HELL!!! Then there are the worse ones between my freakin legs! I promise it looks awful, Im trying sooo hard not to even touch those areas, the ones between my legs are in the creases, like were my panties are, they are patchy and the size of quarters, there are about 5 big spots on the left leg and larger ones on the right leg, they are purple in color and upset me to actually look at them.  I am using some topical steriod cream from the MD, and taking benadryl, alveeno baths, and found that ice packs are giving me more relief than anything else, I see MD on Monday.  OOOOo how I need the strength to get thru this.  Im having a rough day.  Anxiety is getting me.  Im tired n itchy... PLZ Pray for me.  I know the LORD will not put more on me than I can deal with, I also know that after my suffering will be a huge blessing.  I just need some extra prayers right now from u guys, Thank you for your time and responses.

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by mommy52, Aug 28, 2011
Are you seeing your regular doctor or a dermatoligist/ (skin doctor)? The nursing home where I worked... they had a patient that was found to have scabies.. None were found elsewhere. The CNA assigned to him Had a eash on her chest at neck area, She had had it for about 2 months, I asked her one day if she had any more places that itched and was brokrn out. OMG !!!!  When she raised her top she had on her abdomen, the worse was where her waist band was. She said she also had som areas around her pubic areas. Lastly, she had them between her fingers. Some of the areas were weeping. Every patient had to be checked and wmployees had to check themself or have someone do for them. The earlier employee had to go home (with pay) and could not return until she had been cleared by her physician or someone at health dept. that was allowed. The WORST thing..Everypme and yes I mean everyone had to be treated. All patients, employees and their families and any visitors that had touched pt. directly. Treament was done from head to  toe (a lotion) , and  after so many days it had to be repeated. Exactly 1 day after I finished, I boarded a plane for Texas. So much for that. Hope II haven't scared you off.  I had shingles and had some of the symptoms you described. Rash was around waist band area. Felt tingly for a day or so before it broke out. Little bumps became blisters with fluid inside. Thet hurt like H_ _ _ !!!!! with itcing the same, After they healed, I cringed when doc told me they could re turn. I have been 6 1/2 years post shingles and knok on wood, no shingles. :O) Being a nurse, I can get detailed with description. Sorry. You probably have a case of poison ivy/oak. From what I hear it can be H _ _ _ also. Will say a prayer for you when the fsmily and I pray. Hope you CAN get some relief from the itching. Please let know how you are doing and what the doctor says, if you don/t mind.


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by margypops, Aug 28, 2011
Chronic urticaria ...maybe allergic ..I get hives ..if you scratch at all they come up in burning dont itch/scratch them ..the heat isnt helping if you are in a hot state ..I take a claritin, I use a regular hydrocortisone OTC cream ..nothing much helps ..its a cycle it goes through then subsides.I have wondered if its what is being sprayed on us via the chem trails ...I am out in the garden a lot.

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by MsEllie60, Aug 28, 2011
To Triple Rash Therapy......  I honestly feel you pain.  I promise to pray for the Lord to give you the strenght to sustain you in this time.  I havent begun yet and I see now the for me the Lord certainly will have to step in.  I just had someone tell me that helping me would take away from what he needs to do so I know that the Lord will intervene for both of us.  I truy believe in prayer from experience.  So keep on pushing girly and we will keep in touch!  MsEllie

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by Nurseynursenurse, Jul 12, 2014
This anxiety chest hive is called Adregenic urticaria, go to the doctor and ask for propranolol. You'll be cured:)

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