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NY times talks about herpes

Aug 29, 2011 - 1 comments

Genital Herpes


oral sex



Dr Peter Leone, one of the top std practitioners in the US, recently did a series of articles/blogs for the NY times. Here are the links to them for information on herpes :)

Happy reading :)


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by garbage136, Dec 25, 2011
Thank you for the help Grace.  I have been losing what passes for my mind.   I went to one of those online testing sites and they just told me you recently got it and your levels are rising and they will continue to  go up but don't worry about it you might never have an outbreak other than the recent case of Jock itch that you got.  I can't be happy with that though since this whole situation was a mistake that happened and I don't want anyone else having to suffer for my stupidity.   Happy holidays and take care of yourself.

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