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And so it goes...

Sep 09, 2011 - 5 comments

I was SUPPOSED to have my old teeth removed and brand new ones put in today.
The dentist office called me just as I was about to leave on my 4 hour trip to get there...

She informed me that she had gone in to the back room to get my new teeth out of the box etc...and noticed that there was a set of impressions sitting there...she took them in to the dentist and asked where my teeth were...that the impressions were the only thing sitting there...oops.

Apparently the new girl had forgot to send them away 3 months now I have to wait until the end of the month and have it done the exact same day that my 2 year old is going in for surgery...great....this should prove to be interesting...and only a mere 7 days before my cake for me this year...I'll have a glass of water with those candles please!


At least they called BEFORE I left the house...and before I wasted a tank of gas...and before...blah blah blah.

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495284 tn?1333894042
by dominosarah, Sep 09, 2011
I would be asking for a discount too......

199177 tn?1490498534
by avisg, Sep 10, 2011
I can so relate I had my bottoms done  about a year and half ago and need my top done as well but my top they have to lift up my sinus's too..... Nothing is worse when you mentally prepar your self for these things and then they say oops not today .Also make sure they will be putting the new theeth in there mine infromed me even with me having mine pulled  there I would have to go back to the denest to have them realined the oral sergon didnt do that just be sure .. good luck its crappy at the start but the look is worth it .I found ice chips were my life savers to suck on and to put the frezzer bags to put on both sides of my mouth .

209987 tn?1451935465
by tschock, Sep 14, 2011
You are so right avisg...I have been trying like crazy to psych myself up for this. I'm a it makes life a living heck. I could never wear my partial for long because i would gag as soon as I opened my mouth to it was pointless to wear them. Terrified that I won't be able to wear the full dentures...worked myself up only to have THIS happen.

Ya Sarah, I'll be asking for more than a discount!

973741 tn?1342342773
by specialmom, Mar 11, 2012
So how did it all end up going????

1045086 tn?1332126422
by twopack, Mar 12, 2012
Oh, I'd like to know as well.  I hope you are totally accommodated to your new smile by now but must admit I'm also interested to know how you did with the uppers for selfish reasons.  Like you, I am a big gagger.  I have a hard time with cleanings and keeping molar x-ray plates in long enough to snap the pics.  I've worried what will happen if I ever need dentures.  Please tell me all things are possible.  please...

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