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I just want to bring my baby home

Sep 09, 2011 - 2 comments

Today is one of those days that I wish I could disconnect my baby from al the wires at the NICU and just bring her home. Is so amazing when I get to hold her during kangaroo care, but is so heartbreaking when they take her out. She starts crying loud, I comfort her, but then I have to leave and she stays there. Ppl tell she is fine where she's at bcs theyre taking care of her, but my mothers heart doesnt understand reasoning it only understands that she misses her baby and wants her home.  

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by adgal, Sep 09, 2011
Awww honey, I know it's hard. My little guy was only in NICU for 5 days, and it was the longest 5 days ever.  Just keep reminding yourself that they are keeping her safe for you until she can do it all on her own.  Soon I know she will be home, and she will be nice and strong.  Stay strong momma.  She'll be in your arms soon.  

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by Kimberleigh2208, Sep 09, 2011
How much longer do you have?  I think I read you had her before 30 weeks, right?  I am sure I would be feeling the same way you do right now if I were in your situation so try not to be hard on yourself sweetie.  Be with your baby when you can and love her more than anything and it will be over soon.  I am so sorry you have to distance yourself from her but it is so she can grow up with you and be a healthy child--someday you will tell her stories about how hard this was for you and how much you loved her from the moment she was born and she will then know how much love you have for her.  :)  Praying time passes quickly until the moment she goes home with you!

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