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Here I am again.....been off Vicodin for 8 days

Sep 10, 2011 - 2 comments






I ran out and haven't been able to get more. Have taken all my anxiety meds to help cope. It's an endless cycle. I hate this. I hate myself. I just take them to feel the numbing euphoria it brings. I wish I had a swimming pool filled with them I would dive in head first mouth open!! I want to quit and I don't at the same time. My brain is messed up....

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by boodfoot, Sep 11, 2011
Don't be hard on yourself.  You'll get off the drugs when you are ready to.  For now, you take them to cope because you have nothing else to help.  What are the drugs replacing?  Figure that out and work to obsolete the need for pills.

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by km357, Oct 02, 2011
Thanks for the comment I didn't see it until now.
I am using the pills to feel less sadness, depression, agitation, irritability, basically to numb myself but they also make me feel euphoric for awhile and a lot of times energetic.

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