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This is another entry for my Journal Actual size of my blood clot from my knee to my torsoe

Sep 10, 2011 - 0 comments

large clot for 7 years now

  Clot of Right Leg this is my testimony for those who have not heard of this IT IS TRUE!!!l Late last year I Tammie Hansler found out my blood clot in my right leg was actually from behind my knee all the way up my leg to torso !!!! I helped my husband move us to town when the leg was 10 times worse pain ever. So I went to emergency to have it looked. An Ultra sound was done and my clot was then given the horrible news of the size. The lady Dr. was in shock of the size of it. Never did any Dr. ever be so concerned!!! My husband and I are in shock to this day. WOW no clot as far as we know has ever been that size.We saw a Dr. in vancouver one I saw  a few years back ,know why MY DR. IN P.G. hadn't  SAID THIS TO ME in 2004 yes 2004 from a misplaced needle done in Vancouver. I thank God for still being here.YOURS TRULY Tammie

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