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am I pregnant ? should I go to the doctor

Sep 11, 2011 - 0 comments

am i pregnant

i think I ive taking about 3 shots &&. go back for the 4th one next week , about 4 weeks ago I have unprotecred sex w. byy boyfriend of many years , just this week ive been sick ,mindgrams, throwing up , cold , sore troat , I kno yuh may be thinking that im just sick , but through the whole tyme on depo nvr seen any blood , not even a drop, but im.starting to see blood , im starting to ius d. bathroom alot , friends have told meh to buy a test , then go to the doc. but I figure why bother , its depo , it just knt happen , what you think , am I pregnant ? sld igo to the doctor ?

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