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Spotting Blues..

Sep 14, 2011 - 2 comments





ovulation tracker





Well the spottings back and i havent even bd 'ed yet lol, its real light and i seen a lil bit of brownish/pink on my panty liner a lil while ago. Now im wearing a pad lol and nothing on it smh.. Gonna bd 2night still, and see what happenes in the morning.

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by dscoqn, Sep 14, 2011
Some women spot when they ovulate - maybe that's what it is?

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by Maybe-baby, Sep 15, 2011
go see your doctor in the next day or two if its not sorted out. just in case its something more sinister. you wont be laughed at when you dont normaly spot during ovulation and its always great to have one's mind put at rest!  :)

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