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Where am I at??

Sep 17, 2011 - 2 comments

I'm aware I haven't been around too much recently...but here's an update to where things are at.

I've had tonsillitis AGAIN...this was the 10th time this year alone, and really hit me hard. That's no typo or exaggeration either. 10 times in 9 months so far..this isn't even a record breaking year...yet!  And again I had that discussion with my doctor; the one that goes something like this...
Me: Dr, can I PLEASE see an ENT guy and get the damn things (tonsils) ripped out??? Please!!!!!
GP: You can see an ENT but there is no way I'm going to even mention surgery in the's a no.  You know they gotta stay Nat. No decent doctor will even consider taking them out.
Me: Can you refer me to one of the non-decent ones who just care about money then?
GP: No.
Me: But, I can't keep getting tonsillitis this regularly. I get it more than my period! (Sorry to the men reading). It really hit me hard this time around, what if it continues this way?
GP: I'm sorry Nat, it's the way it is.

So, of course the tonsillitis affected the thyroid levels again...I went hypo like I always do when I get sick so the thyroid meds were adjusted and I'm still recovering from the hypo!

Erm, my endocrinologist gave me the sh*ts and I vowed never to return. Since having the DVT issues I have been taken off the pill which was regulating my cycles due to the torture which is PCOS. So it's fair to say, going natural in that aspect hasn't worked out too well. My hormones are all over the place, bloods confirm it's all quite abnormal but, endo just replied with "yeah, well, I've seen worse so you'll be fine. There are routes we could safely take but, I'm not interested till your levels are the worst I've seen"!!!! So I ran out of his room in tears and told my GP what he said and we both (me and lovely GP) decided Mr Thyroid Doc is no longer my doctor.  

GP is doing some research, but because of all my complications (including the strong history of DVT's and my extensive allergy list) it's definitely not easy for the poor man.  So, it's a waiting game at the moment while he researches, we both keep our eyes and ears open for doctors who seem at least semi-decent and just gotta see what the immediate future brings.

As of now though, me personally, I'm sick of waiting!!  I want answers now. Actually, I wanted them a long time ago.  But, I understand I'm not simple. I'm not a textbook case and my GP is only that, a GP. He can't be my gyno, endo, GP, ENT and everything else I need. I can't (and definitely don't) expect him to have all these magnificent answers immediately. I'm difficult and I know that.  He needs time, but, I need some answers!!

Welcome to my life!!

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535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Sep 17, 2011
awww Nat I was going to ask 'hey Nat where are you at '      brother am I a poet or what are having a tough time that tonsillitas can be pretty horrible and you know what there seems to be alot of it around ,this tells me that anti biotics are not working ...and we know its infectious .I have had the worst allergies also this year ... probably caused by chem trails and radiation ...and lets not forget a dose of CA smog and bad air .I hope you get the answers soon ....

1157646 tn?1343967128
by Nat_16, Sep 18, 2011
Thanks Margy! I'm hoping for answers soon too, I get quite impatient very quickly so I'm hating all this waiting and doing nothing!!

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