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To all the medical doctors who might read this

Sep 21, 2011 - 2 comments

  I want to encourage the medical doctors out there to be sensitive to the fact that many with mental health problems can have legitimate health concerns and  very real physical problems .  Rather than marginalize or be dismissive of patients who have mental health issues, as I think so many doctors can tend to do, I hope you will be a physician who practices due diligence when presented with a health concern of those patients, regardless of how you view the patient's mental status.  

  You may help alleviate some of your anxious patients' minds by showing you care & practicing the same due diligence you would on a patient you consider mentally healthy presenting with the same symptoms.  When tests are exhausted, some patients just might seek further spiritual counsel and/or seek psychiatric help.  I wonder how many doctor visits would be avoided and money saved in the long run if every doctor would take those patients, admittedly with some mental issues, seriously.  And how many would be surprised to find a number of patients they wouldn't have thought would have something medically wrong, actually do.

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by maatson, Nov 25, 2011
Absolutely true.

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by ninasg61, Jul 04, 2012
Amen to that.     Drs?,,Iam sorry i gave up on them for 35yr still Looking for a dr who gives a S..T. by the way I suffer from Epilepsy ,and Now this month they stop my MED_CAL  Thanks for Reading...

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