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The Human Porcupine

Aug 17, 2011 - 0 comments


I literally feel like a human porcupine. I have been poked, prodded, tested, and given up on by more doctors than I can remember. It all began when I turned 25 and was diagnosed with Pan-Ulcerative Colitis in 2008. After that, things went downhill. As I write this first journal entry, I am focused solely on one, and only one symptom, that has persisted for the last 8 months. HEADACHE! I've tried everything, as many of the people on this forum have. I'm at my wits end and angry. The anger, unfortunately, has spread to my loved ones and friends, and I sincerely apologize to them for baring the burden of my frustration. I just don't think they understand because this is not your average, run of the mill headache. It's accompanied by Angeoedema (subcutaneous hives BENEATH the skin of my right scalp, with no redness or itching attached). The problem is, nobody knows what is triggering the hidden hives!! So many tests later, I am on the verge of kicking in a door or someone's face the next time they say "I know how you feel". No, you don't. Until you are forced to have a biopsy done on your forehead and deal with daily headaches and head lumps for 8 months straight, you DO NOT know how I feel. I apologize for sounding so angry, but in all honesty, I am angry. I'm sure many of the people on this forum are angry. It's 2011 and we can clone things. Why can't we solve the headache puzzle?

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