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And the new symptoms just keep coming...

Sep 25, 2011 - 0 comments

And the new symptoms just keep coming...but at least they're short lived - not more than a couple of weeks at a time.  My fatigue is about the same, but lately my hearing is a little strange.  Voices either sound garbled, or a voice sounds like two different frequencies in each ear.

I can no longer walk one direction and look another direction - I MUST look exactly where I'm going (forget window shopping, LOL!).  My left leg falls asleep easily, my left toes are asleep a good deal of the time.

I've had "the hug from Hell" mostly on my L side, but last week while I was driving home, it grabbed me on my right side.  I had to pull over and just breathe through it.  I thought my ribs were going to pop right out of my sternum and spine!  All I could do was breathe...and try to subsided after 3 minutes (I watched the clock), but those were some LOOOOONG minutes!

My neuro is out of town until 3 Oct., but he'll hear from me!  I'm also due for my 3 month Tysabri blood work.

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