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Braxton Hicks on my feet???

Sep 30, 2011 - 3 comments

So last night around 3:00am i was half awake with a horrible pain in my feet. DH saw me and asked "what is wrong, are you in pain? and i told him.

No, im just having some Braxton Hicks on my FEET!!!

He started laughing and that's the last thing i remeber. This morning when i woke up i remembered all of that and i couldnt believe  i said that.

You gotta love this preggo brain.. ;)

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1287276 tn?1357854419
by trustGodHeWilldoit, Sep 30, 2011
Hahahaha oh that was funny lolzz

1510239 tn?1364927956
by Leyisel21, Sep 30, 2011

1693461 tn?1374511829
by FairyGirl15, Oct 01, 2011
lol I had horrible Charlie Horses when I was prego with my DD. Hopefully they pass me by this time.

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