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Symptom Checklist for Lyme... I think I have had every stinking symptom,, HMMM!!!

Sep 30, 2011 - 2 comments


-Heaviness/ weakness in arms and legs
-Joint pain in hips, wrist, fingers and knees
-Upper and lower back pain, sciatica nerve pain
-Stiff neck lasting up to a month, and weeks
-Spasms and cramps in upper thigh, shoulder blade/upper back
-Foot pain in heals and soles

DIAGNOSED WITH: Scoliosis, Bulge Discs, and Arthritis

- Speech slurring for weeks
-Tremor in left dominant hand
-Burning feet, hips, upper back and neck
-Bursts of random pain, face, stomach
-Numbness/buzzing in foot, upper shin, both hands and above knee
-Weakness in both legs - unable to move
-Pressure in head / back of head pain with eye movement and without
-Poor balance, dizziness, walking unsteadily on uneven ground
-Lightheadedness for 8 months
-Twitching lasting for months, thumb upper shoulder blade

DIAGNOSED WITH: TIA, Simple Partial Seizure, Anxiety, Depression

-Sick with Chronic Sinus infections / and frequent yeast infections
-Weight fluctuates / days of bloating and pain in lower stomach
-Fatigue/ frequent naps
-Swollen lymph nodes in neck, ear, near elbow, under arm, and groin

DIAGNOSED WITH: Chronic Sinusitis, Graves Disease

-Optic nerve damage in right eye
-Double Vision
-Fluttering back and forth eye movement
-White/bright flashes
-Pain behind eyes with movement
-Pupil delayed when turning lights off

DIAGNOSED WITH: Ischemic Optic Neuropathy, Strabismus, Nystagmus, Graves Opthalmopathy

-Clicking noises, whooshing, fullness, high pitched sound then short term loss for up to 10 seconds.
-Deep ear pain/ sharp shooting fast jabbing (infection feeling w/out infection)
-Sound/noise intolerance

-Upset stomach
-Gassy feeling pain/and pain that occurs in lower left side of abdomen

-Shortness of breath
-Dry Cough at night with no production for a couple of months / would wake me up and cough with production
-Rib soreness and numbness
-Night sweats
-Heart Palpitations/ Chest Pain

DIAGNOSED WITH: Slight Case of Asthma, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Anxiety attack

-Mood swings/irritability/emotional
-Rage/outbursts (as a teenager)
-Getting lost/disoriented in large spaces/sometimes familiar places
-Nightmares are common /wake up ½ way through the night

-Short term memory problems
-Brain fog, forgetting words, using wrong words , forgetting where I left off in a conversation, word searching
-Read something quite a few times before I understand
-Walk upstairs when meaning to go downstairs
-Switching letters around when typing/writing, constantly needing to correct

-Losing Hair/eyebrows
-Headaches at the back base of head
-Twitching eyes and lip
-Tip and side of nose near cheek numb
-Stiff neck mostly left side, neck creaks and cracks
-Pain in side of face near jaw and inner ear
-Constant strep throat infections and tonsillitis (15 yrs. Old)
-Gagging on pills, heightened gag reflex
-Swollen Lymph Nodes

DIAGNOSED WITH: Tonsillitis , Cat Scratch Fever

- yeast infections/itching/bacterial
-Pain in ovaries during cycle
-Breast pain / lump
-Cysts on ovaries
-Fibroids on uterus and in breasts
-PAP smear tests almost always abnormal


-Low blood pressure
-Elevated Homocysteine levels
-Dermatitis/allergic reaction to latex and penicillin
-Hypoglycemic on and off
-Vitamin D deficient
-Graves Disease
-Graves Opthalmopathy
-Ischemic Optic Neuropathy
-Double Vision
-Mitral Valve Prolapse
-Cervical Disc Bulges
-Chronic Sinusitis

SURGERIES and TREATMENTS: Tonsillectomy ‘86, CSD lymph node removal ‘88, fibroid in left breast removal ‘98, RAI ‘05, Radiation to both eyes ’06, Orbital Decompression both eyes ‘07, Eyelid retraction ‘08, Eye muscle surgery ‘08, Orbital implants both eyes and Sinus surgery combined ‘11.
After each of my surgeries, I have had a worsening of symptoms or new ones appear.

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by bridgeovertroubledwater, Oct 01, 2011
I've read your post cause I've been contacted by someone you been in touch with as well.  I just wanted to let know that I sought out treatment under the suspicions of having Lyme but yet only having a definite diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.  It was another person from this medhelp site that directed me over to Seattle to this Fibro and Fatigue Clinic.  I went over on Feb. 22, 2011 for my first appointment and deicided to try their protocol for treatment of all these irratic symptoms that I also had.  I described to my GP that what I had was multi-systemic and I had seen every specialist here in our city of Victoria, B.C. and then also had to have a total hysterectomy in January of this past year.  The cyst that had grown on my left ovary was to be removed because I was already done with menopause, as I already had a partial hysterectomy after my third daughter was born at the age of 27, so you see I've had long standing issues from way back and now at the age of 54, I've taken this into my own hands and now I have a GP that's listening cause he's also seen improvement in me since I began this treatment.  

What they first started me on was given me a I.V.  that day when I committed to a years treatment with this clinic and in this bag was a mixture of Glutathione, Nadh and Vitamin B12 along with sodium chloride,  I think.   Because I live across the water from Seattle, the doctor took me on as a patient and said we could contact over the phone and they sent over my supplies.  These supplies consisted of Ribose Powder for Cellular Energry, End Fatigue Powder with all vitamins and amino acids for a day and when I began this product, I had to take it slow as my body could not tolerate it.  I kept going to the bathroom, so the doc simply said let your bowels be your guide.  The toxins at that time were so bad in me that he knew from after reviewing the intial bloowork that was done on me that my body was so super sensitive we had to take a very slow approach to this whole situation or I would be sent into a major shock.  The first adjustments were with my Thyroid and then putting me on all the female hormones, 100, Pregnenolone, 100 Progesterone,  Estrogen Cream and Cortisol for my Adrenals.  All of these were bio-identical hormones, which are the closest to what the body makes.  I had monthly phone visits and was kept tabs on whether I was following everything that was ordered for me.  Among the questions were, How are you sleeping, and pain level, fatigue level, sore throat, brain fog, concentration and so on.  Back then I could not have even written this much without my brain going elsewhere.  It was simply too much to stay on track and the depression was bad as well.  All the supplements that were ordered along with what I already wrote the doc also had me on as I said the Pregnenolone which is a precursor to Progesterone.  Apparently it is the grandmother of the hormone.  Anyway,  I have now been told to discontinue with this one, however all the others, such as I take at night Rest and Restore along with my Progesteron and Estrogen Cream to help with sleep and it still works.  Throughout the day I take my Cortisol in the morning at breakfast and again at lunch as well as an Anti-Yeast Capsule with lunch and dinner.  Before lunch and dinner I have a Probiotic.  So as you can see this protocol helped.  When we first began treatment I was put on Diflucan in order to get my Candida Yeast overgrowth under control and now the continuation of the Anti-Yeast supplement is still in the equation and I have to stay on this.  Also dealt with an infection that came up with a short term of anti-biotics and then continued on to find that I have heavy metal toxicity.  That is where we are currently still treating it with a second round of DMSA chelation pills.  This detoxification process is huge and the doctor has now added to my regime another 2 supplements.  One is called Indole 3 Carbinol and this one is to help support healthy metabolsim of Estrogen.  Apparently I am too high in Testosteron and DHEA so my Cortisol was increased because of the DHEA being too high.  The balancing of the hormones is a integral part of this process and mine are still not there yet.  The other supplement was this stuff called Ultra Clear Plus to help with the liver detoxification.  I mix to full scoops every morning with breakfast.  Oh, I also was provided with this stuff called Burbur Detox tincture that you put 8 drops into 3 ounces of water 4 times a day from the beginning when the metal detox was identified.  Now, with all that,  throughout those months I was provided with what they call energy kits, which consisted of glutathione, NADH and vitamin B12 and these are vials that I had to draw up injections intramusclarly 3 times a week.  I currently still do them.  My levels were tested and my B12 was almost double however when I discontinued it from the injections, it only took just over a week and my muscle pain was sneaking back again, so I started to add it back to my injections.  The doc in Seattle advised me that you cannot become toxic from B12 so, she said it is OK to continue on with the B12 in the injections.  

When I look back at your list of symptoms, it is like what I used to consistently go to my doctor and complain about.  I could not breath properly,  so they thought it was heart and last year I was on Nitro again.  This was the second time for this.  So since I was 50 it seemed like I was going to hell but I already lived there once and I refused to go back.  I was on a myriad of prescription drugs once by my doctor and I was determined that I was going to find an alternative this time, which I did.  My body is so sensitive to medications, so everytime my doctor would think I should be on some meds it was always the lowest dose cut in half.  Now, I prefer not to have any.  Throughout all of this and the last 2 years or maybe more I was getting back to pain pills which scared the living crap out of me cause as I said I was not going to go down that road again.  Since this treatment, my Natural Killer Cell Activity has been increased and I know cause I just had my entire file sent to me from Seattle yesterday.  I look at the blood work and what I first began treatment and my levels have come into the normal range by supporting the body with the right supplements and giving it what it needs.  I was tried on Serotonin in the beginning and it was not helping me so I stopped it cause the depression was really bad from all of this as you well know.  Now, I look at my Serotonin level and it has come up from where it was when I first started.  I have the proof in my mood tracker in this medhelp program.  Also, I have found it to be very valuable, cause I can look back to see what I was doing before and what I can do now.  Not only that, but how much better I feel, physically, mentally, emtionally and spiritually.   My hands are tried from all this typing now.  I do hope this helps you and whomever else that is suffering out there.  There are answers to your health issues, however drugs and bombarding the body are not always the right way of going about it.  Oh also,  I have supported all this with what I ingest as well.  I eat only what I feel that I can, such as I have elimanted sugar from my diet, Aspartame, Eggs, and Peanuts.  I also saw a naturopath before I started all this and she tried me on a cleanse last year that landed me in the hospital.  I knew from this now a year later, that is just how toxic I really was, but get this.  I went to my doctor and asked for a test for Candida and he found nothing, but when I went over to the States, they found everything.  Enough said.

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by drsdonthelp, Oct 02, 2011

Wow,,, and thanks for taking the time to help me. I have been told by alot of people to watch the type of food I eat, and I am also very skeptical about certain drugs that i have, or had to take. I actually refused klonopin that my neuro. tried to put me on for my left hand tremor. I am tired enough and that drug would have put me in a sleep coma. I can't do that to my self or my kids.

I have realized that some doc.s want to start you on a drug, then you have side effects, so they put you on a drug to treat the side effects and it goes on and on.... I am not one to just accept that.

I will ask many questions and do my research. If I can treat it naturally, then that's what I will do. If the natural treatment doesn't work than I will move on to the next.

I appreciate all of the information!!
Take care, Pam :)

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