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Step forward?? Or just another waste of time, energy and money??

Oct 02, 2011 - 2 comments

Sigh...where to begin?? Oh, a disclaimer is the perfect place to begin: No disrespect intended to all the great doctors I'm sure are in the world. Im sure there's many and I'm sure they're some of the most amazing people in the world.

Ok, so, you may (or may not) remember I fired Mr Endocrine Doc not too long ago after he told me "There was nothing wrong with me and my pages and pages of ABNORMAL blood results and an ABNORMAL ultrasound meant nothing. I was a liar".  It's fair to say that didn't sit well with me what-so-ever, (and more to the point, I was in tears by this stage. Bawling actually) so I left his room very promptly and vowed never to see him again.

So, I decided to have a LONG debrief session and to take a break from doctors for a while. Mainly to get over what had just happened but also because I am sick and tired of no one taking me seriously!!!  My GP is the only person I can rely on, and he's only a GP, he can't (and I dont expect him to) fix everything.  This went well up until about 4 days ago.

Issues had flared up and I was suffering badly. I felt bad, I was slightly (actually, quite) worried and I knew I couldnt push through this one alone.  So, reluctantly I went to see the lovely Mr GP.  After his shock that my "doctor boycott" lasted much less time than I originally planned, he got serious and talked me through what was happening. He gave me immediate relief in the form of yet another medicine, but said it's not a long term kinda deal.  I need to see a specialist to get a more sustainable treatment method.  The first thought that went through my head when I heard this was "oh, here we go again!!" closely followed by "What idiot will I get this time?!?!" My GP laughed when I verbalised these thoughts.

Lovely GP gave me a referal for a specialist (my appointment is October 20th) and a request for an ultrasound which is being done this wednesday. I'm sorta expecting the ultrasound to be VERY uncomfortable!! I have to be full of 1.5 litres of water and they'll be pressing on my pelvic region...see the physical uncomfortableness of the situation??

The specialist appointment however, this will be the real test.  If he's brilliant and actually takes the time to hear what I have to say (about my health, not the incapabilities of idiot doctors - although it is tempting!!) I'll be very suprised and shocked. You'll probably be able to knock me over with a feather.  But, if he's as useless and rude and unsympathetic and only interested in the $120 I'll be paying for this appointment, then I may possibly (no, I'll probably) loose faith in the entire medical profession (except for my AMAZING GP).  I've lost track of the amount of doctors I've seen the last couple of years and guess how many actually genuinely cared about me (the patient)??...the answer is 2. My GP (who is totally amazing and has done more for me than any other medical professional) and a surgeon I saw back in Dec 2009 (he's retired now). That's not such a great record.  All doctors should care. Most dont. They just want to be paid so they can get new tyres for their overly expensive sportscar. Do note the distrust I have for doctors I don't know BUT...I will go into this appointment with an open mind.  

Only time will tell.  18 days and counting!!

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215461 tn?1331862765
by danie17075rm, Oct 09, 2011
I really hope this appointment goes well for you and you can get things straightened out.  How did the ultrasound go?

1157646 tn?1343967128
by Nat_16, Oct 10, 2011
Thanks Dani!

I hope the appointment goes well too lol :)

The ultrasound was ok, few questions from the lady that make me think she was trying to understand what she was looking for exactly or, something showed up and she wanted to be able to make recommendations in the report to my doctor. I'll get the results from the GP on wednesday.

10 days and counting!!

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