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Did I O already?

Oct 05, 2011 - 7 comments

Well according to my temps I O'd on CD 13 but I haven't had a positive opk yet. What is going on? I am going to keep doing the opks til something happens!

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1680047 tn?1468911829
by bebe2011, Oct 05, 2011
And I haven't had any CM that suggest that I O'd

1641319 tn?1374087120
by ylime1207, Oct 05, 2011
I'm not convinced you O'd yet... CD 13 would be a little early for you based of your previous cycles.  Are you doing anything different this cycle (on supplements, recent weight change)?  If not, I wouldn't think you'd O early this time, especially with no + OPK and no fertile CM yet.  This could just be a random pattern in your temps.  

Keep doing OPK's and BD everyday in case you O soon!  You never know though, that could've been it!


1706625 tn?1343061713
by annaluna, Oct 05, 2011
oh haha well i just thought it looked like cd13 as well!!! but you did not do a opk test it is hard to tell

1580318 tn?1550254481
by Shannon79, Oct 06, 2011
You should have done a OPK on CD13, cause that's when your temp shifts started.

But I would say like ylime said, keep doing OPK's and lotsa BD'ing :D


1742167 tn?1436471720
by heather727, Oct 06, 2011
To me, it depends on what your next few temps look like as to whether CD13 was your O date or not.  I've heard that OPKs can miss ovulation even if you do them every day.

I would say, keep temping, keep OPKing, keep BDing and see what the next week brings.  You never know!! :)

1680047 tn?1468911829
by bebe2011, Oct 07, 2011
Allergy medication for the last 6 days = no CM
I should have known that!!! I am fighting a cold or URI and I have been taking allergy medicine

1742167 tn?1436471720
by heather727, Oct 07, 2011
That would explain it!

Looks like your cycles are shortening up since the chemical a couple months ago too.  Mine did the same thing after a chemical I had a few years ago.  It actually regulated the beginning part of my cycle.  Hopefully that helps you get your BFP quickly!! :)

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