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CD 10 u/s

Oct 06, 2011 - 9 comments

Trigger shot

I'm so mad right now!!!
Right ovary- 15.6
Left ovary_15.8,15.6,14.6

yet they want me to trigger tomorrow and come in on Saturday for IUI.... Why??? because they are CLOSED on Sunday. I am concerned that my follicles will not be big enough for trigger tomorrow and hence my eggs will be released before they are mature. This cycle was going so well too. I was stimming at a much slower (better) pace then normal which is good for egg maturity/viability and now this?? FML.

Anyone know anything about viability of eggs when follie is around 16-17 at trigger? Wish me luck... I'm gonna need it!!!!

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by Kricket212, Oct 06, 2011
I think these follies are a great size.  Also, after you trigger they will still grow 1-2 cm.  They will totally be fully mature.  Wishing you lots of luck

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by melimeli, Oct 06, 2011
I think these are the best size...  good luck

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by mhv, Oct 06, 2011
I don't have input...but wanted to say good luck!!! :)

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by mjmom69, Oct 06, 2011
I'm not sure either. I thought they liked to trigger around 18 but I'm not really sure. I'm sure they wouldn't risk triggering too soon though. I wish you so much luck. I hope to hear some great news soon!

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by CarlaLP, Oct 06, 2011
I just wanted to wish you luck :) When I did my IUIs they triggered when I reached 20, but I agree with what Kricket said :)

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by journey2motherhood, Oct 07, 2011
Best of luck to you!  I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

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by kris71, Oct 07, 2011
Some womens eggs are mature at 16/17 and some need to wait until 20. It all depends on the woman. I know how stressful itnis but I think those follies are going to be great!

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by Marietta2000, Oct 07, 2011
I think all looks great!!  They should be perfect for Saturday. Although, it's really bad management to schedule fertility treatment around clinic closures.  Unbelievable!!!  But, I think they'll be mature and ready!!  

SSBD!!  Hope this works for you!!!  XOX

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by haz1104, Oct 08, 2011
I think they still need time to mature too..but remember the only time I got pregnant was the time I didn't trigger u never no..maybe try it this cycle and let them grow then go on Monday hehe ..but thats just me..I know I'm crazy! hehe..wish u all the best this cycle and can't wait for ur BFP to show up!

sending u sticky vibes and ++ energy..

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