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Oct 13, 2011 - 0 comments

Cancer Treatments





Hi, I'm new here, 20 years old and had ovarian cyst, underwent salphingo-oophorectomy last aug2011. It turned out to be an atypical proliferative serous tumor and up until now, i'm under observation, follow-ups and waiting for the second opinion (as the doctor asked for my slides for a review)

well as a background, i didn't have any symptom before i found out that i had this disease. i'm perfectly healthy and a typical college student then, i am a senior student at one of the prestigious schools here in my country under finance by the way, graduation is approaching near soooo excited. When i thought everything's perfect: been planning for our wedding which would happen maybe 4 years from now (haha! early planning), an outstanding student, good career ahead of me; APST came on my way. The doctors (had 2 surgeons who accompanied me during the operation and 1 ob) told me before the operation that it was a benign tumor, nothing to worry about. Month later, i found out that i had a borderline cancer: APST with extensive epithelial stratification, foci of microinvasion blah blah, words which a normal person without hystology studies wont understand. So, i googled and everything and found out all these scary description that made me super worried. I went to my doctor (ob one) and said that she need to refer me to an ob-onc for she worries that it might be cancer. I also went to my surgeon but he told me that i have nothing to worry about (like yeah?! referred me to an onc and not to worry?) and he just needed my slides to make it reviewed to the top hospital. so, that's my story and for the record, i'm still waiting for results. (been worried for 2 months!)

so, after i found out that i may have cancer, i researched for foods that could fight the risk of cancer,  and i thought that this post might be helpful with those ladies out there healthy or not to switch to a good lifestyle. these tips might be useful:

1. eat colorful vegetables such as kales, spinach, carrots, tomatoes for they are good anti-oxidants.
2. drink tea! (green and black tea)
3. ginger! - do you know that it doesnt just fight nausea during chemo but also made in studies for future ova cancer treatment? so cheers to ginger ale! :)
4. eat whole grains.
5. drink a fresh orange juice every morning
6. try to have 5 servings of fruits and vegetables eveyrday. it makes difference
7. STOP smoking and drinking alcohol (i did this before my operation and now i'm regretting it, it truly is a factor of developing cancer)
8. be happy, smile always (i know its hard specially if you're worrying, i know the feeling believe me. but before you could imagine, there are still lots of reasons to smile and be happy about like your loving partner, waking up each day, family, friends)
9. trust your instincts, go have an appointment with your doctor if you felt something odd with your body.
10. lastly, do not forget to talk to God and thank Him for the blessings that He have given you. What you're feeling right now (for cancer patients and not in good health) is just a test and He has prepared you with you're needs to overcome that more than you could imagine. He hears your prayers just believe :)

Hope i made a good help for those of you, cheers to all of us. Have a good health ladies :)
Post comments here if you want for our prayers, counseling and advice. I could only offer you that. It's good to talk to someone with the same experience you know.

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