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Nobody understands Autism

Jan 25, 2008 - 0 comments

My nephew is 4 yrs old and was diagnosed with Autism b4 his 1 yr mark. I didn't even understand his growth patterns. He wasn't talking or walking and used to stare off and hit his head and not cry...just to give a bit of an insight. He played with toys but in a different way. He stacks them or lines them up and if you disturb or distract him he gets really upset. Hes very quiet most of the time and is content just lying on the floor staring off into space...
I bought a book that I wanted to tell you about. Its called "With the Light" by Keiko Tobe.
Its a big book and has like manga style comic book style but its really good. And is good if you want to understand Autism. Its about a mother who battles with her sons autism from birth to school years and its affect on home life and work even. And the fear it can create with the birth of another child. If you Google it you can find summaries. And if you go to you can buy it at a better price. I didn't put the book down until I finished it. And I actually understood my nephew more...
Autism is very serious and other may think the mothers aren't fit or are abusing their child...Just wanted to suggest this reading. Volume 2 comes out this Spring.

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