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Oct 14, 2011 - 0 comments

Day three of what will be either a 4,5 or 10-week voyage.  Feeling pretty blah- had a great time at home, got a lot of fun in, spent a weekend in Vermont reconnecting with my wife, a little, which was difficult but worthwhile. We're talking again, with lots of arguing, but there's honesty and discussion of emotions and feelings, which is a nice change.  I also went to Maine to relax for a few days. Did a lot of hiking and other fun stuff.
      My workouts have suffered!  I did a full workout today, and the hour of walking/calisthenics was tough to get through. My shoulders are tight as hell now, but I'm glad I got a full workout done- I've walked every day, but this is the first time I went in 100%. Still not feeling as motivated as last tour, but my weight loss has slowed to normal rates, which is fine, and healthy, but disappointing. I really enjoyed taking my belt in a notch every week there for a while. Regardless, I look healthy again. 30lbs more and I'll look rock solid. 40lbs and I'll have a flat stomach. First time ever, I think.

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