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Oct 06, 2008 - 7 comments

Well, it's been a while since I updated my journal, something which I use to update quite frequently in May, June & some of July. Then there was the shock of a 3rd missed m/c, and the D&E in the middle of July. DH & I decided to take some time off from the TTC journey, but I kept on w/ my "cocktail" of meds, baby aspirin, prenatal, folbic tablet, and an extra mg of folic acid.

So a week ago Sun, after realizing AF was 7days late, I decided to do an EPT, only because I wanted to rule out preg, cuz there was NOWAY I could be prego. I figured since it was only the 2nd AF since the D&E, that it was just going to be weird, and come whenever it wanted. And being DH & I might have BD maybe 4x all month, I just didn't think I could be prego. So I do the test, and low & behold, a complete shocker, a BFP!

This will be our 4th preg in 15 months. We're are CAUTIOUSLY happy. I've done 2 betas, had good numbers that doubled in 2 days, BUT ultimately an u/s will tell us what we need to know.  I've been offered to do an u/s this Wed, where i'll be 6W5D, but I'm REALLY scared. Getting the great betas took a really heavy weight of my shoulders, but the u/s will tell me the real truth. I do have a different outlook on things these days. I left everything in God's hands, and I got prego. If this baby isn't in his plan, then I can accept it.

I'm praying my cocktail of meds is doing the job. Still contemplating the u/s this wed, I suppose I should just get things over w/ to see if we're going to get good news.

I was a Feb09 mommy, and I miss all the mommies on the site. Seeing all the progressing u/s pics and adorable belly pics always pick me up! You all helped me thru a really hard time!

I'm praying that i end up a May 09 mommy!

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15480 tn?1302529802
by GNicole, Oct 06, 2008
Congrats! I am so happy for you!! I will keep you in my prayers!! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a happy, healthy nine months. Keep us posted! :)

102073 tn?1309549099
by Keyan, Oct 06, 2008
OMG!!!!  I will pray harder so that this is it, this one must be a sticker!!!! Congrats My Friend!!!

489000 tn?1364302227
by Tarobinc, Oct 06, 2008
I am hoping for a May'09 baby for you, too!

514428 tn?1287598456
by Momofthreecrazykids, Oct 06, 2008
OMG Congrats sweetie!!  I know what you just went through and just wanted you to know that I'm praying for you!!  Comes when you least expect it :)  WHOOHOOO!!

575256 tn?1242586431
by debdawn1027, Oct 06, 2008
Congrats & you will be in our thoughts & prayers. Keep us informed...

518733 tn?1333017015
by angelbabies, Oct 06, 2008
congrats iv had 3 m/c and now im 21 weeks pregnant and i put it down to the baby asprin im taking good luck i no what it feels like i never thort i would be a mum but now im gonna be in 19weeks im amasing your have your baby/babys!!! good luck with your little bean. xx

636388 tn?1222997748
by annievfro12, Oct 06, 2008

Don't feel like you need to rush the ultrasound! take a little time absorbing the news-

The only reason I say this, is because sometimes at 6 weeks the dr will miss a faint heartbeat or not see the baby- I have a tipped uterus and with my daughter (who is two now) they couldn't see the fetus then at 8 weeks BOOM there she was! they were trying so hard to get me to D/C- I refused and asked for one more transvaginal at 8 weeks- they finally gave me one, I think because they wanted me to see that it was time to let go- but low and behold she was there.

So even though you probably feel like you don't want your hopes up- don't run the risk of getting them prematurely dashed either...

I will pray for you!!

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