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still in a 'funk'

Oct 17, 2011 - 2 comments






I had surgery on September 30th. The Dr.'s thought my pregnancy was ectopic because of my beta not rising and doubling as it should and the pain I was having on my left side (I stated to the dr it was as if my ovaries hurt).
12dpo - 18
16dpo - 69
19dpo - 132
27dpo - 676
30dpo - 880
33dpo - 921

My Dr opted to take both tubes as they never served me any purpose other than to worsen my endometriosis.

Well the pregnancy wasn't ectopic after all - I had several cysts by my left tube. But the gestational sac had stopped growing at somewhere between 4-5 weeks--  about the same time I stopped taking the steroid of dexamethasone.
I just did some additional reading where women with the compound mutation of mthfr take a steroid until 12 weeks of pregnancy. The addition of the steroid helps fight any immune issue my body is having. Like trying to kill off the "little invader"...
I wonder if it would have worked had I not suddenly stopped the steroid???.....

This was suppose to be our "last try". We were prepared to accept another bfn. But with finally achieving a pregnancy after 10+ years, it has given us a glimmer of hope. Sort of like dangling a fishing pole with bait... We're hooked....

We are still in a battle with ourselves of wether we try again or not. If we decide to proceed I think it will be in February 2012. That seems so far off. But it gives hubby a good three months to "vamp up" the soldiers. He is starting some serious vitamins and acupuncture as well.

I only took two weeks off of work.... and am wondering if I came back too soon.... at work, but in a daze and funk. People try to make me smile and laugh, but it's hard... ......but I'm trying....

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961574 tn?1520648103
by mhv, Oct 18, 2011
I am so sorry this didn't work out for you.  Believe me, I understand completely.   I honestly would hate to see you give up.  It has to be our turn soon, my friend.  It just has to be.  I am so glad to hear your hubby is doing his part!  That is awesome! :)  
I really hope your RE can figure out what is going on, and that you go on to a full healthy pregnancy  You know we will all be hear to help in any way possible.  

Sending you tons of  hope, faith, and determination :)  

405370 tn?1332206110
by Houston79, Oct 19, 2011
Awww, such a heartbreaking thing to think about "what ifs".   I do hope you are hooked because I'd hate to see you give up too.  I know February sounds so far away-wow.  But its great that your husband is working on his part in the process.  Please try again, I'm really rooting for you, alaska!!!

Is there anyway you can take more time off of work?  Its so hard to function in a funk.  Please take care of yourself and lets get ready for Feb. 2012!  I'll be praying for you!

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