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not temping this cycle

Oct 23, 2011 - 2 comments

I am not temping or using OPKs this cycle i just want to see what happens, no stress not having to worry or stress about if i ovulated or not. We will see what happens. Good luck to every one!!!

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by cat4720, Oct 24, 2011
That's what finally worked for me! I was taking the OPK's and it would tell me I was going to ovulate and then I wouldn't ovulate. For example, the month that I got pregnant, I got my period August 1st, and then a positive OPK on August 15th. I went to the doctor on August 22nd and they did a progestrone check and said that according to the numbers I didn't ovulate. I then found out I was pregnant September 10th! I am ten weeks tomorrow.... That means I ovulated around August 27th, but I wasn't checking anymore because I thought I was out that month. However my body decided to gear up again and actually ovulate this time. My husband and I just decided to keep bedding every other day and thank God we did, because we might have missed our chance if we didn't. So keep positive and try it without temping and OPK's, just try bedding every other day if you can.... Good Luck!

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by heather727, Oct 24, 2011
More power to you!!  I don't think I'd have the will power to be so restrained while TTC.  You are my hero! LOL

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