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10/23/11 Sunday End week 6th ~  Great End :)

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Not to bad of a day.   Had a little bit more energy and tried to stay on task with drinking fluid.   Kind of got away from just plain water and added some lemon juice to it and give it a little punch.   Actually heard lemon juice was good for cleansing liver anyway.    Lots of sprite today though for nausea.    
Actually got away from the house and went to flea market and socialized.   Came home and the two neighbor boys came down with their poor little horses.   So we all went to the pasture and hooked up with my two horses too.    I showed the boys how to do some ground work in the round pen using one of my horses and one of them.   Then to top it all off, I actually mounted my big mare by myself and rode.   I couldn't believe it.    I don't know where the energy came from, but it felt so good to actually do something I love. I even worked my fresh, spunky paint horse who is always a challenge.   So I got drug across the ground a little, but I was fine.   Just not as strong as I would like to be right now.  However,  I was hungry, thirsty and was longing for the moment with my horses & God sent them two precious teens down to the house and gave me the budge I needed to get back into my niche of peace.   Thank You Lord so much for taking care of me when I am down in the dirt.     Tomorrow, I go get my 6 week labs.   Hoping ALT & AST have came down, and my HMG & WBC are still holding out or at least climbing.    I do know the key to staying on top of this is eating.   Eating good meals, even when your not hungry and drinking plenty of fluids and keeping those nasty toxins out of you body.     With all Hope and Blessings from the Man above, I will make UND at 12 weeks !   Only 6 weeks to go and I am there , then only 12 more after that.   Should be a cake walk without the INC.     Go .... Go.... Go.   I can do this , I know I can.     I am !

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by Vannh9, Oct 24, 2011
So glad to hear that you had some outdoor time with your Horses!! I know that is like healing for the soul:-) I also so love reading your are so right. With God all things are possible....we just have to stay focused on him constantly and i know how hard that can be when you aren't feeling well. I know with your attitude and blessings you will get though this:-)

have a great day!


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by Livinontheedge, Oct 24, 2011
Thanks Vann,   I am nobody special, just like all of us who has been through the wringer.     But we have got to keep the Faith.  Its the only thing that will get us through.   Well, it is for me anyway, and God has been so very good to me through this.   It hasnt been a cakewalk, but I can tell you I know there are alot of others who are going through worse situations.  
The horses are a Blessing too !   I think they are our most Beautiful Creatures on this earth.   He really knew what He was doing when He made them.   Very healing for the soul, especially when the are looking at you eye to eye, its like they just know what is going on.   I've always been so at peace with them    
I hope you are having a good day,   I went and got my 6 week labs, and did my 7th shot a while a go.    Hopefully my NP will be calling tomorrow and telling me everything is good as far as blood work.       How are you doing ?  

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by screaming48, Oct 24, 2011
So very glad that you got to get out and try to be a human, I am still in the house. I think goats are so wonderful as well lol. Though I believe everything our Lord has made is perfect except for snakes but they are as well in their way. I had to finally get some anti nausea cream to rub in my skin the pills were not working so far the cream is and you are right we have to eat something decent even if we don't want to.  Try not to over do though ok, sometimes when we feel so much better we tend to overdue, anyway I will quit preaching and am sending good thoughts and wishes your way...anne
does any of this make sense or am I rambling :)

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by Livinontheedge, Oct 25, 2011
Hi Anne,  No your not rambling,  I am finding out the hard way , You have to eat or you will vomit !    LOL !   Usually when I wake up in the morning I am starving and that is always a sign for me to eat some protein and fat, so its usually eggs or ramen noodle soup with eggs in it.   I know sounds gross , but it is really good when your starving and lots better than cake or donuts.   ( well, us maybe !  LOL !  )    Better for you anyway.      Glad you are getting your nausea under control, I am so sick of drinking water , I wish there was something better to drink but you know there isnt.    
Just got my 6 week labs back and they are still good,   HMG is at 12.5 and WBC 2.5 , so I am hanging in there so far.    I guess we will see what the next couple of weeks brings.   I just pray they dont drop anymore.    
Ok, got to make the ramen noodle soup !    Hugs girl !  Carrie

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